Security 1

Empowering customers to proactively react to evolving online threats.



  • Web security gateway
  • Physical & virtual server security
  • Anti-virus & managed firewall services
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Vulnerability & inventory management
  • Patch management & SIEM managed services
  • Configuration & compliance management
  • Privileged access management services
  • Mobile device management
  • Active directory auditing
  • Data discovery & data leakage prevention
  • Application software security

Security - Protecting customers critical systems & information assets by 'listening' to online environments 

Our security services protect your corporate assets whenever they are vulnerable or exposed to the threat of an attack. Helping to empower our customers to better react to threats online, our security services utilise intelligent technology that can instantly prevent, react and remedy attacks, potential system failures and misconfigurations.

From attack identification to critical assessment by the service desk, protocol assignment to health analysis of the integrated technologies – we ensure all aspects of security are covered. By ‘listening’ to our customer’s environment including their technology performance and threats, we can then proactively ensure that critical systems and information assets are protected.

Smarter technology strengthens business continuity by delivering better protection 24/7

Security 2

Empowering customers to proactively react to evolving online threats.

Security 3

Empowering customers to proactively react to evolving online threats.


Drowning in data compliance? 

With 2018’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in full swing, the need to protect and catalogue data trails is more stringent than ever. Reassessing what personal data is stored, where it was accessed and how it will be processed can be incredibly overwhelming for businesses worldwide.

By providing a cloud-based platform which can assess, quantify and continuously measure data from the moment it is accessed offers companies the ability to meet compliance without added stress and cost to the business.

Through data mapping, we can help with data traceability, automating processes, providing realtime visibility, and providing ongoing employee training support, working closely with you through the different stages of data compliance.

Within just a few weeks of working with us, clients are 90% compliant and ready to cope with any of the burdens of handling GDPR-based enquiries.

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