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Predictable, all-inclusive hosting solutions.



  • 100% vendor uptime
  • Hybrid cloud environment
  • Tier3+ data centre
  • A&B power connectivity & resilience
  • Data sovereignty
  • Highly secure & scalable
  • Rapid connectivity
  • 24/7 support & rapid response

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Cloud hosting has revolutionised how you store and access data over the internet.

By replacing on-premise hosting with a hybrid cloud environment, not only do you eradicate the ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs, but you avoid the internal complexities which often requires an entire IT department to rectify.

We host, leaving you to focus on strategic IT initiatives!

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Predictable, all-inclusive hosting solutions.

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Predictable, all-inclusive hosting solutions .


Trusted hybrid cloud environment 

At Teknov8 we offer a trusted hybrid cloud environment that delivers the right solution for your computing needs. Through our 20-year collective experience we can build flexible and agile infrastructures that support your business without the exponential costs, giving you anything from unlimited scalability, multi-site networking, and a centralised management system, to a 24/7 on-call support team.

Using our own fibre optic connection, we guarantee 100% uptime network connectivity, which can tolerate multiple hardware and network failures giving you a full audit trail of actions taken and open issues.

Through our cloud-based solution, we give you back the ability to self-manage, maintain and monitor IT capacities from one central location.

Take back control of your IT environment with Teknov8!

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